5 Reasons You Should Go To NASCAR

By Robert Fogarty

If you have been considering purchasing some NASCAR tickets, but have never attended a NASCAR event before, you have certainly missed out on a lot! NASCAR fans can probably list a thousand reasons why they love going to NASCAR events, but for this article, we are going to list the top five reasons why you should go ahead and buy those NASCAR tickets.

1) Sheer Excitement - Definitely the top reason that people attend NASCAR events is the sheer excitement of it all. While pretty much any sporting event has its share of exciting moments. If you have never heard of the motors rocketing to life at NASCAR, that moment is one that you will never forget. The entire crowd gets excited as the race gets close to the end, especially if two rival drivers are neck and neck on their way to the finish line. Then, watch out for the nudges that drivers physically give each other with their cars.

2) Products - This is where you will find all of the t-shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts, and anything else you could possibly want embellished with the NASCAR logo. Better yet, if you want the signature of your favorite race car driver or image on a product, again, NASCAR is the ultimate place to find these memorabilia.

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What Exactly Is NASCAR Racing?

By Liam A Brennan

NASCAR's Origin

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) began life as a family run business in 1947 when Bill France, Sr, a stock car racing specialist, decided to develop an exciting new driving competition that would offer a new kind of thrilling motorsport experience that would offer fans an alternative to the major race tournaments. NASCAR started life shortly after and the organisation's first racing event, known as the "strictly stock" series, was held in North Carolina in 1949 and continues today under the new name of 'Sprint Cup Series'.

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